For more than ten years, a large number of online manuscript publications have emerged on the internet. Several hundreds of libraries add daily a large number of manuscripts and early printed books online. This multitude of online sources is scattered over hundreds of websites. This is the best time to introduce a general database of medieval manuscripts in order to simplify the search. For 10 years we have raised over 8000 online sources.

This database is an international virtual library of music sources and takes into account the noted manuscripts of Western language for the medieval period up to 1600. For example, within seconds this database will find all antiphonaries or the twelfth century or all Dominican manuscripts, etc.

A special effort is made to index the songs of the oldest sources contained in fragments, marginalia and notated additions, incorporated in manuscripts which are not fully notated.



  • Project founder and manager: Dominique Gatté
  • Project developer: Jan Koláček
  • Contributors: Cristina Alís Raurich | Eduardo Henrik Aubert | Gionata Brusa | Dominique Crochu | Eleanor Giraud | Jacques Meegens (Coordinator of Polyphonic Sources) | Giovanni Varelli

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August 23, 2018 - Dominique Gatté