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NAL 01669
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Le Graduel Romain. Edition critique par les moines de Solesmes, t. II: Les Sources, Solesmes 1957, p. 111-112

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Franco Ackermans
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Notes on F-Pn nal 1669

The numbering for the index is the later Arabic numbering top right. There is an older roman numbering top centre. At some point the handwriting was re-integrated, but this did not happen correctly; it turns out that page 1 contains the end of the OF Benedictus sit and the CO Benedicimus of the trinitatis mass, which appears in this mss at the end of the temporal. So this page is the continuation of the last page 134v. The first page of the remainder of the manuscript is 49, showing the end of the AN Iuxta vestibulum for Ash Wednesday. So the part before Ash Wednesday is missing. There are several other lacunae.

The ms doesn’t contain offertory verses and only one verse for a communio (to the Cm Pater si non potest)

The melody for the Verses to the introit are most written out in full, but the texts are not.
Full texts and melodies for the modes 1 to 8 on: 015r-003r, 054v-002r, 006v-018v, 016r- 009v.
The tenor of mode 3 is mainly on do (054v), but there are examples where the si is tenor (130r)

There are numerous transpositions of chants, mostly to the affinalis. The reason could be to avoid the writing of the low Sib, as in In Exsulate Deo 125v. But this can’t be the reason for Al Emitte 109r, maybe the transposition is used to avoid the sib even in the normal position.

1669 is close to the melodic tradition of Benevent. Cm Oportet te, Cm Nemo te, Cm Lutum, Cm Videns all show the Beneventan version! (cf Paléo XIV, 225) The Al Ego dixi (123r) is only to be found in a few beneventan sources. Schlager edited 1669 as a diastematic version of Bv40.
The Sundays after the QT September are not numbered post pentecostem but dom post jejunii (as in Bv38)


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