D-W : Cod Guelf Helmst 1008

Cod Guelf Helmst 1008
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Minden, pour l'usage de l'évêque Siegbert

Huglo RISM B XIV1: p 273-274

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Franco Ackermans
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Notes on Guelf 1008 part 1:
A full-neumed gradual written in the monastery of St. Gallen in the period 1024-1027 by order of Sigebert, the bishop of Minden. The manuscript is known for its multiple verses to introit and communion. This made Guelf 1008 one of the main sources for the edition of Michael Hermes, Das Versikularium des Codex 381…Verse zu den Introitus- und Communioantiphonen. EOS-verlag, 2000. Another noteworthy publication is by van Betteray, Quomodo cantabimus…Olms Verlag 2007. Dirk van Betteray compares the notation of Guelf with several others from S. Gall, Laon and Einsiedeln on the use of liquescents. Furthermore, the manuscript is important for melodic restitution because of the numerous litterae significative. Older SG-sources like 342 or 339 have none. In German literature the ms is often called Minden Wolfenbüttel (MiW or Mi1).


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