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Italie Centrale
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Notes on 4770, part 1

The manuscript is incomplete. It contains the chants from the Second Mass of Nativitatis until good Friday. It could be a winter-part. I presume that layer 1 which contains the advent is missing.
But there is more, there are several pieces with no musical notation. If we look at the layers (each 16 folia) we notice that not-neumed pieces nearly always occur at the end of a layer.
Layer 2 (002r), layer 3 (018r), layer 4 (034r), layer 5 (048r), layer 6 (064r), layer 7 (080r), layer 8 (098r)
In layer 3 f.e. the neuming stops at 28v, it starts again at 34r, where layer 4 starts.
At the end of layer 5, 63v is not neumed; in layer 6 we miss neumes from 76v onwards. Could it be that the musical notation was executed by several scribes simultaneously? Paleographic research is required..

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Notes on 4770, part 2. Literature on 4770:
Bruno Stäblein 3.4, Schriftbild der einstimmigen Musik, Leipzig 1975. P. 134-135. A comparison of 3 chants in Vat. Lat 4770 and Vat. Lat. 6082: a different neum-type.
Paolo Feretti, Paléographie musical XIII. Albeit this is a study on aquitan notation, Feretti gives examples of Ang 123 p. 86-90 and Vat lat 4770 p. 90-93.
The picture of Popule meus that Feretti published in 1925, was already in Peter Wagners, Einführung in die gregorianischen Choralmelodien Part II, 187 together with a description of the neum-type.
David Hiley, Western Plainchant, 1993. Page 351 ‘4770 closely related by repertoire to Beneventan sources’.


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