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Egerton 0857
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Nord de la France, Noyon
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Franco Ackermans
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Notes on Egerton 857 part 1

Some personal notes, maybe of use…

The gradual is complete, De Trinitate is at the end of the Sanctorale, followed by Dom. P. P.
The Ms contains no verses for the offertory.
The verses to the introit are not written out in full. On a few occasions ( some IN post Pentecostes ) the neuming of saeculorum amen is added. There are no verses to the communio.

All the formulars in 857 bear a roman numbering.
The scribe provides us with a search-function. All the neumed incipits contain a rubric req cap (requires capitulum) so one can look up the full notation of the chant.

I sometimes used the spelling of Egerton: pecii, justicia. But not consequently…

The notation is comparable to Laon 239. The form of the neumes, the semi-diastematic ordening of the groups.

At the end of each line there is a custos in de form of an horizontal line (G: Strich-custoden).

There is no Litany in the Ms.

On 56v we find the Hm Benedictus. Furthermore 2 Al: Vox sancti Bartholome and Sancte Elegi tu dulcedo. This second led to the conclusion the Ms was used in a church in the Noyon-Tournai area where St. Eloy was bishop.
mentions ‘hymns for the Holy week’
But 57v contains the chants for feria II. Hesbert 27a comparable to Verona

Good observations, also comparing 857 and Laon 239 in Hiley, Western Plainchant. P. 410-411


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