F-AS : Ms 0437 (cat. 1011)

Ms 0437 (cat. 1011)
St Vaast d'Arras
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Notes on Arras 437
some personal notes, maybe of interest..

This manuscript contains three parts, based on the continuous numbering of the manuscript, arabic top right. (a) Kyriale and Sequentiar, (b) Temporale and (c) Sanctorale
First is this an odd sequens for a manuscript and second the older paging (roman, top middle) gives reason to assume that the Kyriale and Sequentiar originally formed the last part.
The temporale starts on arabic 28, roman IX. There are several folios with roman numbering missing.
The sanctorale starts on arabic 59, the roman numbering start new with I. Again several folios with roman numbering are missing.
The Kyriale part bears no roman numbering.

The attribution to Arras is without doubt. Ragnulfi 75v. (between Quattor Cor 08.11 and Martinus 11.11) Furthermore Leodegar 02.10 and Nicasius from Reims (14.12) And the feast and a hymn for Vedastus (St. Vaast!)

There are numerous missing leaves!

The scribe explores the boundaries of what is possible from a notational point of view and goes beyond! He makes use of the mi-b. An Juxta vestibulum; see the topic by Dominique Crochu in Musicologie Médiévale. Furthermore in the An Missus es Gabriel (25r,1)
Cm Illumina is notated as a G-protus, which make fa and fa# in the Protus possible.


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