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Notes on 40078 part 1

Provisional… still working on the index..

The Quedlinburg Gradual is consulted by the Arbeitsgruppe Restitution (AISCGre) because of its Verses to the Offertory. Due to the relative short period between diastematic writing and the disappearance of the verses in the East-frankish regions, we don’t have that many ‘german’ mss with verses. Graz 807 – Klosterneuburg is our main witness. Aachen 13 is not edited yet, Drachenfels is another option.

Quedlinburg (Qlb) displays the verses to the Offertory, but ‘never’ gives a cue to the repetenda.

Qlb is interesting for his transpositions. To avoid mib he uses the transposition to the affinalis do (Cm Surrexit Dominus), to the affinalis la (AL Christus resurgens), to avoid fa# the transposition from Terardus to Tritus (Cm Christus resurgens)

Qlb uses the signs for si-b-molle and si-be-carre (see Al Christus resurgens)

Furthermore of interest because of the special form of the half-tone clivis. Is it a micro-tone? A sort of uncinus – 2 tones on the same height?- were other mss write a clivis. If it is really a half-tone clivis we would have a witness for the fa# in Cm Data est mihi.


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